Angry Mob Creative Digs Deep with Omelet on Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege Campaign

Angry Mob Creative Digs Deep with Omelet on Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege Campaign


A few months ago, Angry Mob Creative was invited by LA-based agency Omelet to contribute to the creative juggernaut of a spot that was to become Ubisoft’s largest and most ambitious live action game trailer in its 30 year history, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6: Siege.

Shot in Prague with live ammunition, explosives, and, oh yeah, Idris fucking Elba, the spot gives viewers a sneak peak into the chaos and mayhem that makes up one of the most anticipated games of the year. With a franchise nearly 20 years old, the expectations and anticipation surrounding Rainbow Six: Siege (and its corresponding celebrity-attended “Siege Day” in LA) heading into the holidays, was huge.

So, no pressure or anything.



MatZoThe client wanted electronic music and they came to the right place. Given the specific notes and direction from the agency, AMC Producers Chad North, Sean Harrison & Matt Cohen looked to their experienced team of electronic music producers. AMC settled on Grammy-nominated (and genre-defying) EDM phenom Mat Zo, part of the Slush Management roster. The unique challenge was to create a track – “one that you might hear in a club” – while also precisely scoring to the action on-screen. Hmm, ok.

How many hit-points? A lot. The :60 version of the spot has an intro, initial “breach” (where the track drops in), two mid-story breaks/transitions as the fight wages on, specific hits on explosions, and then individual hits on a piano scene & sledge hammer scene. Oh – and a final sting that comes in with a memorable theme/melody that people will associate with Rainbow Six. No prob. Easy! :)

Mat Zo killed it. Without any formal background in scoring/composition, he nonchalantly turns in an absolute banger of a track that hits all the major “scored” moments while keeping his signature style and sound. Everybody wants swagger nowadays… and this track had balls. Just a few tweaks and we’re there.

“Siege The Day” (early Mat Zo version)


MattLangeNot quite. Change in direction. Need more “score” less “track.” Let’s steer it a bit from the club to the movie theater. We explored several ideas and settled on bringing in another “Matt” to help produce the spot and take it to the finish line. Another Grammy-nominated electronic maestro from Slush – Matt Lange.

Hot off his critically-acclaimed “Ephemera” record (released by deadmau5’s trend-setting mau5trap label), Matt stepped in and did what he does best: produced innovative sounds and textures to compliment Zo’s track and fit the exact mood that the agency and client was looking for. It worked. Almost.

The cut was still evolving and the elements almost worked together, but not quite. That’s where AMC Producer & Creative Chad North’s production, composition, and editing skills came in. Countless hours and days were spent fitting the different elements together in the mix and making something cohesive – that hit hard like a track – but also accomplished the needs of the spot: scored hit-points, not too busy, not too bass-y, not too melodic, but just melodic enough, not too tough, but just tough enough, and let’s make that piano scene work somehow. OK! Done.

The final track ended up being a collaborative effort between Zo’s track and Lange’s production skills – with some behind-the-scenes work by North to bring the elements together. That brought it home. The agency was happy. The client was happy. Everyone wins.

“Siege The Day” (final version)


However, the fun didn’t stop there. Afterwards, we were tasked with creating the music for Rainbow 6’s “featurettes”: 60 second mini-movies that feature Idris Elba & in-game footage. The unique challenge was to feature different edits of the music from the main spot for each respective featurette. Luckily not too many scored hit-points… just 3 or 4 (or 5 or 6). And different intros are needed for each one of them. Cool.

Without boring anyone still reading our story of the process behind the music, suffice to say we made it happen. Timelines were up. Budgets were up. We just needed to make it work and get it to mix. So that’s what we did – and – amazingly, the whole thing went to air and the web on-time.

The spots racked up millions of views on YouTube within the first week. It was everywhere. Thanksgiving Day football, the Walking Dead mid-season finale, Tosh.O, you name it. News outlets Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Ad Week, Game Spot and dozens of others ran stories on the spot. The Idris Elba-factor probably didn’t hurt. Everyone wanted to know what the track was. Darude – Sandstorm. Nuff said.

Park Pictures came to us to produce a Director’s Cut version of the spot for Seb Edwards. Matt Lange stepped up to the plate once again to knock it out of the park.

All was well in the universe. Except people in the office got pretty sick of hearing the same music for months on end.

Perhaps we’ll release the track commercially at some point. Perhaps we’ll remix it. We’ll have to see – it’s time to give the Rainbow Six project a break. But one thing is for sure, this was a huge win for Angry Mob Creative, our composer and producer, and for everyone involved on both sides – Ubisoft, Omelet, Park Pictures, Slush Management, and beyond. Lime did a fantastic job of mixing the spot. Barking Owl killed it on sound design. The accolades could go on and on. The spot went on to garner a Source Select award for November 2015 and has been submitted to various other outlets for awards consideration as well.

It was a blast working on this with Omelet. A ton of work, but a labor of love – and something we won’t forget anytime soon. Special thanks to Omelet producers Matteo Mosterts, Annie Uzdavinis, & Dan Ruth – and the amazing creative team: Shannon McGlothin, Josh Smutko, Raul Montes, and everyone else we may have missed. (Full list of credits here)

Looking forward to the next one. But in the meantime… “Are you ready… to plan your assault?” … MAKE IT STOP!!